The Eaton Canyon Nature Center

was reopened in November of 1998, replacing the old one which burned in the Altadena fire of October 27, 1993. The 7,600 square-foot building contains many fascinating displays, live animals, offices, classrooms, an auditorium, restrooms, and an information desk/gift shop.

The Center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, during which time a staff member is present to assist you. Feel free to come inside and look around. You will find information about hiking trails, animals, plants, geology, history of the canyon, ecology, and docent-guided tours.

We are located at 1750 North Altadena Drive in Pasadena (detailed map).


Prepare for your visit by clicking on each of the images below:

Nature Center Sign by the parking lot

Sign by the parking lot

It's easy to find the entrance to the Nature Center. Just follow the arrow on the sign located near the middle of the parking lot.

Nature Center Building

The Nature Center Building

Please stop in and see what the Eaton Canyon Nature Center has to offer. Opened in November of 1998, it houses a wonderful variety of live animals, exciting displays, and fascinating information.

Information desk

Visitor Information

Please stop in at the information with your questions about Eaton Canyon.

You can purchase shirts, hats, pencils, post cards, rock samples, buttons, books, magnifying glasses, book marks, hand and finger puppets, hummingbird feeders, and much, much more.

Live animals

Live Animal Displays

We have many live animals on display in the terrariums along the wall

Wildlife leftside

Watch Out for the Mountain Lion!

Be sure to look up to see the mountain lion.

wildlife rightside

Exhibit of wildlife in the canyon

Can you find the bat?

kids corner

Young Person's activity section

Wildlife activities for the young and young at heart.

Learn about bones and rocks

Things that sting or bite

Poisonous or venomous

See the birds

Look into the Display Cases

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